Bromus Obnoxious

Bromus Obnoxious

More commonly known as Downy Brome and ‘fondly’ referred to as Cheat Grass, I don’t think I’ll ever get all of the seed heads out of my shoes, but it was well worth it.


It’s Got to Be Illegal to Have This Much Fun…

It was a warm and muggy Tuesday following a Monday, as Tuesdays often do, and thanks to the fall of the holidays, this Tuesday happened to become christened a ‘Sticky-Trap Tuesday.’ My trusty partner, Smiley, and I headed out upon our momentous adventure, with lunches packed, sample bags labeled, and spare Sharpies on hand. Other than a near miss with a road-grader and a bit of baja-ing over a bumpy patch, our first set of petial samples went off without a hitch. Little did I know, however, that it would require every ounce of energy reserves from my PB&J s to tackle the next obstacle ahead of me.