Etymology in Agriculture

I’ve always been a word junkie. My mother read to me in utero and I told stories from the moment I could talk. I’ll never forget the day my mom showed me how to make letters, which she explained would eventually form words and then sentences and paragraphs. Clearly, I took that possibility and ran with it.  


Childhood Memories: Growing Up

I literally wore out my VHS copy.
I'm always seeing this kind of junk on facebook:

“Like” If you were a 90’s kid!

“Remember this fad when we were kids? Go 90’s!”

“Our childhood was so much better than yours.”

“We (90's kids) had obnoxious toys and got over not having an ipod.”


Food Safety and Preaching to the Choir

Sometimes I do my best not to “rock the boat”. Sometimes I capsize it. This might be one of the latter times.


Throwback Thursday

This morning the entomology lab met with the PREC’s new director, Jack Whittier. He just wanted to get to know us and give the faculty and staff the opportunity to express any concerns they might have about administrative issues. As I introduced myself, we had the usual laugh, as he had already met my mother and instantly saw the resemblance.