Nebraska: The Good Life

As I mentioned previously, my conversations with my friend from Chicagoland seem to provide plentiful inspiration for blogging. Today, her question was “Why are Nebraskans so friendly?” Not that this behavior is bad, obviously, but it begged the question; why are we so friendly?


Prince Charming

I wrote a really angry blog today, and then I read this HuffPost article that put me in a much better mood.


Childhood Memories: Chicken Chasing

A batch of eggs from
Mom's chickens!
My conversations with my friend from Chicagoland always provide interesting inspirations for blogging. Her perspective is so different!
Today, I had a flashback to my childhood.
I needed to run an errand at lunch, and I asked my friend if she’d like to tag along for kicks and giggles. She said she did, and so off we went. A young girl had a lemonade stand set up on the corner along our way, and we both commented on how that was neat of her to attempt entrepreneurship at such a young age, but also that unless you’ve got a really hopping market (like being the only concession stand at an event of some kind) that she was probably barely (if even) breaking even. 


Idealist? Maybe...

Earlier this week I posted a link to National Geographic article on Feeding 9 Billion People.
There were bits and pieces I thought were overly idealistic and therefore not practical, but the author, Jonathan Foley, in his 5-step plan, made a few good points
Step 1: Freeze agriculture’s footprint
Step 2: Grow more on farms we’ve got
Step 3: Use resources more efficiently
Step 4: Shift Diets
Step 5: Reduce Waste


Cowgirls & Fashion

It’s Monday. Monday is not a day for controversial topics. So today I will discuss something funny – my Midwestern rear-end and my struggles to outfit it.


Recalls Are A Good Thing!

It didn’t take me much web surfing today to find a topic for today’s blog.
A Jackson, Missouri Beef company is recalling over 4,000 pounds of product that may contain traces of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), or mad cow disease.
Yeesh, that kinda makes you panic, huh?
Well don’t.


Bucket Theory

Recently I wrote an article on subtherapeutic antibiotic use in cattle. It was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to write.


Animal Abuse is Not Okay

If you pay attention to the news at all (I don’t, it’s depressing) you may have seen something about the company Chilliwack Cattle Sales, located in Canada, and was filmed abusing their dairy cows. I was a little hesitant to jump into the middle of this battle, since dairy isn’t my area of expertise, but there are a few points I’d like to make. If you haven’t seen the video yet, I’ve posted it here.


Good Clean Dirt

Ad photography by Paul Mobley.
Copyright Alltech,
printed by Beef Magazine
I was flipping through an issue of Beef magazine the other day and saw this advertisement for Alltech feeds. I was sitting next to my friend from Chicagoland (she calls it that, not me) and I showed it to her, thinking that this little dude in his Wranglers and his tiny Carhartt was pretty stinking cute.
Her response was to laugh, “Wow. Do they really start them that young?”