Prince Charming

I wrote a really angry blog today, and then I read this HuffPost article that put me in a much better mood.

I always thought Prince Charming was rather shallow, and that despite their animated handsomeness, there ought to be more reasons to be in love with somebody, right?

So even though he may not slay dragons, my Prince Charming does little things every day that make him my absolute hero.

I know my mother worries sometimes that we may be a teensy bit young to be getting married, and maybe she's right. We are young, and we're definitely going to make mistakes. But there isn't anybody else in this world that I'd rather make stupid mistakes with than Cowboy.

So ladies, if your list of things concerning your significant other doesn't look something like this, you might be dating/marrying the wrong guy.

   1)      Thank you for coming to find me that one time I got lost and not laughing at me because that fog was really thick, damnit.

   2)      Thank you for making a copy of my key and hiding it in my gas tank – because you know how preoccupied I get and it’s hard to break into my car when I lock my keys in it.

   3)      Thank you for breaking into my car the last time I locked my keys in it.

   4)      Thank you for putting flares in my trunk and buying me an emergency flashlight to put in my purse.

    5)      Thank you for respecting my independence.

    6)      Thank you for being secure enough in your masculinity to admit that you like the color pink (and proudly wear that zebra striped wild-rag).

    7)      Thank you for buying me that pair of earrings for our first Valentine’s Day, even though we both hate the holiday. You knew it mattered.

    8)      Thank you for buying me flowers that one night you knew I had a really rough time at work.

    9)      Thank you for putting up with me being bossy. I always want to do things my way. Thank you for admitting that sometimes I’m right, and standing up to me when I’m not.

   10)   Thank you for not letting me bottle things up. You always notice when something is bothering me.

   11)   Thank you for being my moment to slow down; otherwise I’m always running 90 mph and wearing myself thin.

   12)   Thank you for thinking I’m beautiful, and never hesitating to remind me of it.

   13)   Thank you for loving the same music I do, and not minding that I always have to sing along.

   14)   Thank you for admitting when you’re scared.

   15)   Thank you for being my big tough cowboy soldier lumberjack, and trusting me to be tough right alongside you. Like the time you got hurt, and I wasn’t sure what to do. You trusted me to stick with you, so I did.

   16)   Thank you for complimenting my cooking, and helping with the dishes even though I know you hate that activity with a frickin passion.

   17)   Thank you for making me pancakes the way I like them (soft and fluffy) instead of gooey in the middle, like you like them.

   18)   Thank you for taking pictures with me, and letting me take pictures of you, even though I know you dislike it.

   19)   Thank you for respecting my parents. They are my role models and my cheerleaders. Thank you for trying to earn their respect as well.  

   20)   Thank you for befriending my brothers. They have always been my best friends, and rather than being a replacement for one of them, you’re just an addition to our “herd”. Ohana baby.

   21)   Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams, even if they may take us somewhere that’s uncomfortable for you.

   22)   Thank you for staying up late to talk to me – I know you’ve had a long day at work and just want to sleep, but you know I decompress by talking.

   23)   Thank you for being an absolutely cheesy romantic. I work really hard at being practical; I don’t always have to be that way with you.

   24)   Thank you for proposing to me in the simplest way you could think of.

   25)   Thank you for not being able to lie or keep secrets from me. I hope I return the favor.

   26)   Thank you for working so hard all the time.

   27)   Thank you for literally loving the stuffing out of me. I know my mom teases you about how “sappy” you are, but I can see every time you look at me how much you love me, and I know you’ll still look at me like that when we’re 80-something.

   28)   Thank you for telling me you love me all the time. To me this really shows that you’ve recognized the potential for that “lack of communication” dysfunction that neither of us want to bring into our marriage. The first step to overcoming dysfunction is recognizing it.

   29)   But, I hope that by the end of this list, you’ll see that you do a damn good job of showing me how much you love me, which often means so much more than telling me.

   30)   So guess what? I love you.

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  1. 31) Thank you for showing my best friend how deserving she is of love. For the longest time she was too nice to fight for what she deserved and only took what others were willing to give. She deserves someone's whole heart and you were the man to give her that. So thank you for that cowboy.