Cue "Mission Impossible" Theme-song, Please!

I haven’t found a lot of time to blog lately, obviously, and I can mostly sum up my busy days in a Facebook status. But this weekend took the cake.

My weekend started on Friday night – an ‘apartment warming’ bar-b-que with most of the graduate students in my Range Club made for some interesting music, stimulating conversation, a game of catch (I really suck at catching a football) and learning how to play “Call your partner Pitch”. It was a late night, but the bratwurst were totally worth it.

Saturday morning left little room for sleeping in since the Twins were coming over to pick up Breakfast Buddy and I to go thrift shopping before the game. I picked up a few shirts for about as many dollars at the local Salvation Army and was quite happy with myself. The wait to get into Memorial Stadium was long and hot, but the adrenaline of jumping over a pile of people in the rush up the ramp to the nearly field side seats was pretty ‘legit’. I found myself with a case of Cussing Tourettes since our D-Line seemed to be struggling a little, and QB #3 still hasn’t mastered the art of pulling his head…well, you know. The game was intense, my voice was shot and I was a little sunburned, but I seemed to have made friends with the guy in the skin-tight red suit (Ha Ha).

After dinner at Raisin Cain’s and a jam session back in the dorm rooms, we all bedded down for the night. Lights went out, goodnight kisses were blown, and heads settled into pillows – and then all screaming hell broke loose in the hallway. It died quickly, so we cautiously poked our heads out the dorm doors to see what was the matter. Things went by in a flurry and amongst the many trips up and down the elevator, a rather bewildered campus cop arrived on the scene. Testimonies were made and those involved with the punching and hair pulling were escorted off of the floor – leaving the rest of us to (undoubtedly) gossip and gush about every little detail. “Whew! What a…morning.” (Hmmmm…..)

Nine AM came far too soon, but there was homework to be done and things to accomplish, so I pried open my bleary eyes and attempted to function. Today was 9/11, and my leadership class had scheduled community service activities in honor of those who have served. I found myself in the back of a stranger's suburban that Sunday afternoon....driving down a sidewalk. Our group’s job was to help with some yardwork for the Friendship Home - which is a battered women's shelter. For obvious reasons, it's in an undisclosed location. However, as volunteers, we were supposed to be privy to this secreted information. Due to an unexplained lack of communication, we were not informed as to where our assignment was. But - we're fricking awesome, so we borrowed said suburban and began our trek to the general vicinity of where we 'guessed' our location to be.

After wandering around for an hour, baja-ing down previously mentioned sidewalk and bothering the church librarian - we found the Friendship Home.
The activities director was extremely apologetic about the miscommunication, and we set quickly to work on making up for our lost hour. This guy Maro and I had made cracks about finding cholorform and other possible illegal substances in the back of the 'frat-boy' suburban for the past hour, so we had formed something of a camaraderie. When Miss Activities Director grimaced a little and said, “I have a job for two of you…and it involves ladders…” Maro and I looked at each other and grinned. “Mission Acknowledged!” We ended up climbing the side of a three-story house to wash this gross moldy mossy stuff off of the pristine white siding. As I work with poo for a tuition money (and my love of science), I wasn't bothered much.

The hoses were all holey and cracked, so washing required buckets and sponges. The ladder we were given was ridiculously heavy, ominous looking, and slightly evil. The siding was wet after a bit, obviously, and I made a miscalculation on how sturdy the positioning of said climbing device was, and after reaching a certain leverage point in my ascent, the ladder slid "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK" down the siding! It was humorous in hindsight, I'm sure, and although I (the mechanical bull riding champ of the county fair) stayed on the ladder, the sudden jolt of gravity nearly made me pee my pants.

First item on the agenda on return to my “Dorm Sweet Dorm” was a shower and maybe a bit of Trig homework before my meeting at 9:00 PM. However, a pounding headache and utter exhaustion won me over, so on the premise of hopeful functional ability, I set an alarm and laid down my head for a short nap. I woke up three hours later with my contacts glued to my eyeballs – I’d obviously missed my meeting. Darn.

Lesson Learned: Try to put aside a day each weekend to get some sleep – too much ‘dorma’ and action can wear a girl out!!

Have a great week!!

~Jeanna Danger ~

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