Water n' Poo!

I'll make this one short and sweet, but a friend showed me this video the other day and I decided it needed to be shared!

Not only is this song quirky and kinda catchy, it's absolutely true. Agriculture is a sustainable vocation, and since our livelihood depends on the environment, we want to do our best to take care of it! Who would have thought?!

I had the opportunity to talk to some "city" kids in my Communications class the other day about issues like "pink slime" (more on that later) and I was pleasantly surprised at how positively responsive they were to the information I presented! It was very encouraging to me and solidified my purpose here on this blog: to put information out there that is correct and positive.

Everyone has the right to know where their food comes from, and they should be aware of what's going on! So it's our job as agriculturalists to let them know that we know what we're doing and that their best interests are in mind.

So speak loud and speak proud (and factually, and non-defensively and... well, you know) and let people know that Ag isn't useless, and we're as green as can be!!


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