Throwback Thursday

This morning the entomology lab met with the PREC’s new director, Jack Whittier. He just wanted to get to know us and give the faculty and staff the opportunity to express any concerns they might have about administrative issues. As I introduced myself, we had the usual laugh, as he had already met my mother and instantly saw the resemblance.

Me building the "Crapper Stacker" for our dung beetle
research project. 
As we went around the table and talked about the research the lab has been working on, I realized how blessed I’ve been to be able to work with such an awesome crew for the past couple of summers. This summer has been different since I’m not technically a technician, but I definitely don’t feel left out.

Me with my head in a pitfall trap. 
I’ve had some crazy adventures through my time in entomology. Like the time I pulled a 24-hour day night-trapping with Kyle and Johan (which consisted of running around in a sugar beet field with a red headlamp on and thus fulfilling my dream of being like those people on Animal Planet). I’ve learned so much, like how to design an experiment and solve the problems that have a tendency to emerge mid-execution. 
I’ve really gotten to employ my creative genius, make awesome friends (like my roommate Riley) and get absolutely filthy dirty and sunburned. 

I’ve gotten to work on some awesome projects and made contacts with the top professionals in multiple fields of study. 

We're such a goofy crew!!
The "Blackshirts" from 2 summers ago.
Our discussion with Director Whittier included the success of the students that have had the opportunity to work within extension, particularly here at PREC, and I would have to say I’d count myself among them. I'm extremely grateful for the experiences I've had here. 

Just thought I'd share!
~Danger Out

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