I’m just going to start of with “Wow. That is ridiculous.” No wonder our country is in debt and our atmosphere is filled with CO2. Because people are STUPID!!!

Fine, I’ll be nice and say I don’t really mean that, but now I AM CONCERNED!!! Why are the people “rallying for change” so ridiculously misinformed? Do they even know what they’re rallying to change? Do they really want it to change? What are we teaching our children in the public school systems that they don’t recognize the name of the most important substance on earth?!

What happened to the Albert Einsteins, Sir Isaac Newtons and Abraham Lincolns of the world?

And if those intelligent types of people are out there, why aren’t they the ones out there speaking against the horrible “dihydrogen monoxides” of the world? Are these “lobbyists” and “hippies” so to say, the ones that are writing to our congressmen?

Are they the ones voting? As a government that is by the people for the people…are these the people that we want calling the shots? People that don’t even think before putting their signature on a piece of paper? People that didn’t pay enough attention in school to remember a couple of basic Latin roots and chemistry structures? I’m raising a stink but I don’t have a solution. So if you have one…HELP!!

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