So God Made a Farmer

There are a lot of hardworking people out there; people who are underpaid and under-appreciated for the hard work that they do. Farmers definitely fall into this category.

As an Animal Science and Grazing Livestock Systems major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a resident of East Campus, I've made a few observations about the students here. In my opinion, they make it a great place to live, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that most of them are "farm kids".

East Campus Kids Are:
Polite – We always hold the door for someone and mind our niceties; please, thank you, ma’am/sir.
Hardy – There’s a foot of snow on the ground, but we’ll just throw on our Carharts and deal with it.
Time and Energy Efficient – It is cold outside (see above) and we’ve got work to do, so we’ll probably cut a “cow trail” across the grass to get to class faster.
Neighborly – the staff finally quit worrying about putting the tables back together in the dining hall; they just leave ‘em be and we don’t mind re-arranging them so we can have dinner together in a big happy group. I guess it reminds us of branding time or something.

We’re also loyal, honest, fun-loving, intelligent people that are here working to better our future and contribute something to the world we live in, because we all know how important agriculture is, even if the majority of the general public does not. Someday we’ll all be graduates of both UNL and the School of Hard Knocks, with degrees in doing the best we can and minors in feeding the world.

All the mud, blood, sweat and tears turn into a special kind of mold for a different breed of people. That’s what East Campus kids are.

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  1. That is true. That is why I thought even though you would be so very far from home . . . you'd be right at home. God Bless the American Farmer and Rancher.